June 18, 2016


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I said I would be blogging more regularly again, so here is another post. Today I was downtown at the Cultural Center to see a workshop of a one act play by Spartan Theatre. They have been doing these for several weeks now, but this one really hit home. It was about a man meeting a boy on an El train and revealing in their conversation that he had always wanted to be a writer but had let rejections discourage him and now he was an assistant manager in a book store, but not happy with his job. The boy encourages him to not quit his dream and he starts writing again. That was what happened to me too, but I did not go back to writing in a real way until I retired.

Now, you may wonder what that has to do with the title I gave this post and I will tell you. I was in the Metra Station waiting for a train and they were delayed, but I did not know why. When I got off at Cheltenham, I found out why they had been stopped temporarily. There were about a dozen police cars at 79th and Exchange and yellow crime scene tape across the street and sidewalk for a two block radius. Many police were out walking through the area. There were three ambulances, so I could tell something serious had happened. I saw one man with his leg wrapped up being taken to an ambulance and when I asked a policeman how many people had been shot, he told me four. So, the protection was that I was not there when it was occurring. If I had been, I could have been a victim of a stray bullet, which some of the four might have been. So, the Lord protected me by not letting me be there at that time.

I could have been if I hadn’t stopped at the Cultural Center to talk to one of our Senior Clown Troupe members who has not been coming to our classes or rehearsals for about a year. I had not seen her and was wondering how she was. Fortunately, she is as well as before.


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