June 20, 2016


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I met with two other ladies at a coffee shop today. I had joined them once before. They are part of a Meet-up group with the above title. At the last meeting I attended there were more than the two of them. We got snacks there, so they would not throw us out, and we sat together, but worked on individual projects. I was working on a cover letter for the last assignment of my ICL (Institute of Children’s Literature) course on writing books for children. I also have to do a query letter for material I sent in for course assignments. I’ll be ready to actually submit to publishers when that is done. I have submitted already, but a critique of my letters will make them better able to interest a publishing house.

I have also listened to more video interviews about how to write and self-publish children’s books and I also plan to go that route again, hopefully with better results this time. My two eBooks, THE HUNTER AND THE DEER and THE SALTY PRINCE have only sold 3 copies each and one set I bought to get a give a reviewer to have her write a review of them. If anyone else would like to review my books on Amazon, let me know and I will get you the download link. The more reviews I get, the more people will find them and buy them. But, I want honest reviews. Don’t say you love them if you don’t.


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