June 21, 2015

Second Writing Group

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Another writing group which I take part in is called “Write Chicago!.” It is a group of poets. We don’t have weekly meetings, but when we do meet, we go to a place in the city or suburb such as a museum, zoo, etc. We spend some time looking at what is there and sometimes have guided tours through the museums and then we write poems about what we notice. Yesterday, we went to Navy Pier. Here are some pictures I took with my phone and the poem I wrote.


People of every race and tongue

From very old to very young;

Everyone seems so engaged

With shops and rides and places to dine,

Some of them even selling wine.

Screams are coming from a swing.

A black bird has red stripes on its wing.


Writing Groups

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I have been going to meetings of two writing groups. One called “Soon to be Pretentious Writers” meets at the Harold Washington Library every other Saturday. The facilitator gives us a couple of topics to write a warm-up about and we share them or something about them. Then, we go through the library and pick out books that catch our attention and write about them. We spend more time on that. We share in a small group and then with the entire group. But no one is pressured into doing it. Here is a poem I wrote based on just the titles of a couple of books that I chose. I dedicate this to our governing authorities.


Only idiots believe what they’re told,

They are those who are easily sold

On any new upcoming fad or craze

Not considering that they’re just a faze.

Doubters seek proof, they question why

Some people are quick to believe a lie

Show me the truth of what you say.

Don’t think I’ll believe the games you play.

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