March 8, 2011

Social Day

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This is not related to my writing goals, but I want to make a note of today, so I will not forget it because it was far from my average day.  One of my cousins of my father’s family, any of whom I may see only at a wedding or funeral, came to pick me up an take me to lunch.  A friend had called before I left because she felt a need to go out and do something fun, so I said I’d call her when I got back. 

I called her, as I said I would and we set a time and place to meet downtown and from there she drove out to Park Ridge where we went to the Pickwick Theater and saw the movie Unknown.  We stopped at her building on the near north side for a retirement party for one of their maintenance men.  He was leaving after 30 years of service there.  There was bread and crackers with cheese spreads, cake and several kinds of wine.

We sampled all of the wines because neither of us does much wine drinking and we did not know what we liked.  We felt some effect from them.  I came up to her apartment to see how she had changed the furnishings and to especially look at her electric fireplace which she had been telling me about for some time.  She then drove me to a bus stop downtown and I took two buses home from there.  One is a very short ride that I walk in the daytime, but do not at night.  So, it was a very nice day, the like of which as I said I seldom if ever have.


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