July 25, 2021

Hope in Spite of Rejection

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I had another rejection of a poem I wrote and sent to Cricket Magazine. On July 20, I got the standard rejection saying their editorial staff reviewed it but decided it was not quite right for their magazines and wishing me luck in getting it published somewhere else. I am kind of proud of myself though for taking the risk (and expense) of submitting my two Ebooks, THE HUNTER AND THE DEER and THE SALTY PRINCE to Writer’s Digest’s contest for Ebooks. I am trying to keep a positive attitude because I know God can work that in my favor.

It was a real leap of faith for me to enter that contest, and spend the amount of money they charged as an entrance fee because my first reaction is to not want to “waste” the money when I am not going to win. I don’t feel that my writing is good enough to beat stiff competition, but I know it is good enough for God to use because He gave me the talent. If it is in His plan for me to win at any level, I know I will.


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