October 10, 2020

New Writing Projects

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I just entered a story of mine; Smidgeon Pigeon: The Great Migration to a Reedsy contest. Originally I planned to have this published as a picture book, or chapter book, as my instructor from the Institute of Children’s Literature had said it sounded like to her. None of the publishers I submitted it to wanted it though and I quit sending it out, (at least temporarily). This contest had a prompt (one of several) about a bird migrating, so I thought my story would be a nice twist about a bird trying to migrate.

I also signed up for a free Reedsy course on publishing picture books and will take more of their courses. I love taking advantage of free advice and information since I can’t afford to pay for courses taught by schools, or writing coaches who have their own businesses.

Next week, the new GeNarrations class begins. It will be a virtual class again. I am looking forward to finding out what the theme will be and hope that it will be one I will not have a problem identifying with, as I have with some of the themes they used. I will be keeping you informed about my progress.

I also submitted a poem about Autumn to a publication called Avocet, which accepts previously published poems. That poem was the one Halcyon Days used. I haven’t heard if Avocet will or not. Again, when I do hear from them, I will let you know what they decide.


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