October 1, 2020

God’s Armor

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This poem was started years ago and just this morning I made revisions. I would appreciate any comments and/or criticism.

God's Armor

Put on the whole armor of God.
Don't depend on self defense.
You can't see what you're up against.

The helmet of salvation will guard your thoughts.
When you are saved, they can't be bought.
Knowledge needs to be protected
and our  motives be inspected.
In a world teaching us to self-serve,
will you obey God without reserve?

Your heart is covered by the breastplate.
Righteous eliminates all hate.
Love all others, as you've been told.
Do not let your heart grow cold.
Selfishness is not an option
if you would hear God say, "Well done."

Your loins must be girt about with truth.
Telling lies is quite uncouth.
Deceipt and cunning is a demonic snare
of which you need to be aware.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
You will keep the enemy at bay.

The shield of faith will stop the spear
Satan uses to cause you fear.
Hold it up, don't let it fall.
Keep it close and then stand tall.
It will give you strength and power
in your deep and darkest hour.

Your feet wear peace, for they must travel
over smooth roads and rocky gravel.
Wherever you go, take peace with you,
regardless of the circumstance you go through.
People you meet along the way
may want to walk with you someday.

Last, the two edged sword, God's Word,
which everybody should have heard.
The Bible will be your guiding light,
exposing all that isn't right.
It's blade is sharp and quick to sever
any and all ungodly endeavour.

Put on the whole armor of God.
Don't depend on self-defense.
You can't see what you're up against.

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Forbidden Words: Try

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I’ll try is the most dangerous word I was using too often in my vocabulary. I would tell God I was going to try to do something, I really did not want to do and make a poor attempt at it. Then I would apologize and tell God I tried. God showed me that it was an excuse I was makng for failing and told me that word is forbidden. Because we:

T hink wordly thoughts

Rationalize them

Yield to them

That fulfills our fleshly desires. God wants us to say, I will, not I’ll try. Philippians 2:13 “For it is God which worketh in you to both will and to do of His good pleasure.”

So, God wants us to say: I understand, not I feel; I trust, not I guess; I believe, not I hope; I know, not I think; yes or no, not maybe; and above all I will, not I’ll try.

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