November 17, 2018

The Item in the Suitcase

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I just read the story I wrote for the GeNarrations program at our local performance today. This is a 7 week class in which writing coaches from the Goodman Theater work with senior citizens (and I think some non seniors too now) at various centers around the city to help us write stories from our lives that relate in some way to the play they are showing and we get to see the play. The program is free and so is our ticket to the play.

After we write our stories, we read them to an audience of other writers from the other classes the instructor teaches (Julie Ganey has three now) and guests we invite. Then we pick one from each class to represent our group at a citywide performance in which members of all of the locations are in attendance.

The play this session was A Lady in Denmark and the theme was about music and memories because in the one woman show, she relates how music played an important role in her life and the things she remembers when she hears certain songs, singers, etc. Billie Holiday was an important person she remembered being a fan of and getting to meet in person.

I called my story The Item in the Suitcase to give it a little suspenseful beginning. Of course my group had heard my draft as we wrote our stories, so it was no surprise to them. I got several compliments after the program ended and one person requested a copy of it to send to a relative. I can post it, if I get comments asking me to do so. If you would like to read it, let me know.

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