August 29, 2016

News About My Writing

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I received what they called a diploma, but I say looks more like a certificate, from the Institute of Children’s Literature for completing their Writing Books for Children course. It felt good to have completed that, finally. I had stopped working on it for about a year. I don’t usually give up on something like that, but I had an idea for a third Smidgen Pigeon book that I just could not get to work. I ended up sending in a piece of non-fiction instead.

Today, I took my laptop to the library and finished listening to the Real Fast Book free course. I now have set up most of what I need to put my book Unclutter Your Brain out on Create Space. I just have to get it written, download it and choose a distribution plan and price.

I also submitted a Smidgen Pigeon story to Kane Miller, (one of the few, if not only, children’s book publishers who takes material from unagented authors and online) There are other publishers who accept unsolicited material but they want it sent in by mail and I am impatient and spoiled by the ease of using the Internet. I will still submit to a publisher the old fashioned way if they reject my work.



August 25, 2016


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I made a query, for one of the manuscripts I submitted to the Institute of Children’s Literature course on Writing Books for Children, to a publisher. Now I have to wait to see if they may be interested. That is the hard part. It takes sooo long and most do not give any response back if they don’t want to use your material, especially the ones who still require “snail mail” queries and submissions. Those who do it through email will sometimes respond. I have been rejected several times that way. I am still confident that one day I will get a positive reply, but, with all I have been hearing lately, self-publishing may be the best route. If all writers start doing that, the publishing houses will be going out of business before too long. Does anyone think that will happen? I would not like to see that, but Chandler Bolt wants to put them out of commission. He runs Self-Publishing School, which I would enroll in if I had the finances to afford it.

August 17, 2016

Writing News

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I have bad and good news to report about my writing endeavors. I will start with the bad and get it out of the way. I did not win any award in a humor poetry contest I entered. But now for the good news. My guest blog post THE CURSE OF THE WANTEPRENEUR is now up on Jonathan Green’s Serve No Master blog. Check it out at

My other good news is that I finally completed the Institute of Children’s Literature course on writing books for children. I had dropped out and had to pay an additional fee to get back in, but I did it. Yeah, me!

I am thinking through the non-fiction book I want to write on Unclutter Your Mind and I have the beginnings of a fictional short story, or book, which will be about Lucifer and his demons,  (Angels of the Underground, as they are called) and a character called Inside Man, who can see through their tricks and warn people of their attacks. They are all trying to find out what his weak spots are so they can put him out of action.

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