July 31, 2016


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1.Why was our educational system dumbed down to get everyone into college programs. Now college degrees have less value and it takes higher degrees to mean anything.

2. Why do we undervalue trades and skilled labor, even though people in them are paid well because of unions?

3. Why does it take a college degree to advance regardless of ability?

4. Why can’t we do like other countries and test for college entrance? Those who do not qualify should be taught a trade. Every couple of years they could be given a chance to retry if they were still interested, but by that time I don’t think they would be.

5. Why do we put such emphasis on “higher learning” that those who have degrees look down on those who don’t and consider them dumb or lazy?

6. What is “higher learning” anyway? Who defines it?

7. Is someone who can recite information they learned from books more “learned” than a skilled craftsman?

8. Why don’t we encourage crafts?

9. Why do really good artists have to produce something that looks like a kindergarten child or chimp painted it in order to sell their work?

10. Why do classically trained musicians create music that is nothing but a lot of noise?

11. Why are large publishers not accepting works that are controversial or satirical, so people with a message have to self-publish to be heard?


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