July 15, 2016

Cataract Surgery

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I had the cataract surgery on my left eye done on Wednesday. What I heard about it was true, it was painless and quick, although we had to wait over an hour past the time they told me to be there before I was prepped. My first follow-up appointment was yesterday and I am seeing better with that eye but still not as good as with my right eye where there is still some cataract. They tell me it will continue to improve, however.

At the one month check-up I will get a new glasses prescription  I am using three eye drops four times a day now and have a shield to put on my eye when I go to bed. It is not a patch, but a clear plastic with holes so I can still see through it. I forgot to put it on the night of the surgery, so last night I put it on before I really was ready to go to sleep to make sure I did not forget to do it. You know how it is when you are sleepy, you forget a lot of things.

I will see the doctor who did the operation next week for another follow-up. Then I will cut down on the eye drops and only use one unless he says otherwise. Those were the instructions I got prior to the surgery. Two to be used for seven days after the surgery but one for 28 days. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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