July 8, 2016

The Power of Facebook

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I had a financial need come up and as I prayed and asked God if I should tell someone about it or keep it between Him and I, I was told to post it on Facebook and my need would be met from an unexpected source. I put the post out this morning and it was replied to from a source I would never have considered asking, just as God said would happen.

I went go to Renaissance Court this morning (the senior center) for the movie they were showing. I was thinking to skipping it because there was a scheduled building inspection this morning, but God told me I needed to see War Room. I missed a little of the beginning but saw the important part and I will probably get it from Red Box or the library and watch it again. One of our chorus members said he had seen it at least four times. One of my other friends was not impressed with it and I was not emotionally moved by it either, but it does give a good Gospel message and I am sure it made a difference in the lives of some people who needed to hear it and will continue to do so as long as people watch it.

He is trying me though. I lost another set of keys because I did not listen to His still small voice this morning telling me it was not a good idea to keep them in my pocket. I had gone out once before with them in my pocket and I dared to try it again. But, before I was only going to a store down the block. This time I was riding two buses. I have no idea which one they fell out of my pocket on, but I know I did not have them when I got off downtown. That is what happens when you don’t pay attention to Him.



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