July 1, 2016

Book Idea

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I am still listening to the author interviews of Jesse Kreiger’s summit and yesterday I got an idea for a book I will write. It will not be a children’s book and not even fiction. I am going to write “Unclutter Your Mind.” I am going to deal with how the condition of our minds can be similar to the condition of our environment and that too much input can slow down, hinder or even stop us from achieving our dreams. So, we need to unclutter our mind the same way we would unclutter or homes, by getting rid of what we don’t need, what is broken, or in our way and organizing what we keep so we can access it easily. Memory problems are also related to having too many and not having them sorted in a way that makes them useful.

We often see comparisons of our brains and computers, (which were modeled after human thought processes). ¬†When I put too many programs on my computer, it slows down. And, when I become impatient and try to change commands before the computer has done what I first told it to, it freezes up and does nothing. This is what happens when we can’t make decisions and is caused in the same way. Wandering thoughts will do that to us. If anyone has some ideas or stories about your own experiences you would be willing to share, I may be able to use them in the book.


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