June 12, 2014

Chorus Concert

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Tomorrow, at 2 PM, the Renaissance Court chorus will present our concert. We usually hold one earlier in the Spring but with the weather as bad as it was many people missed too many rehearsals, so it was postponed. We sing a variety of music and always have a good time and good turnout. If you can, please come.


Program at Renassiance Court

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We had our storytelling program today and with the other storytellers included there were at least 50 people in attendance.  I did not see any friends from outside of the center and some of the people I associate with at the center did not come to the program.  The poetry group met at the same time.  We voted on two people to represent us at the city wide event which will be at Goodman Monday at 4 PM, but we haven’t been told who won the vote yet. 

Ge Narrations Program

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Today we read the stories we wrote.  The program at Renaissance Court at Randolph Street and Michigan Ave in the Cultural Center’s Studio Theater will begin at 11:30 AM.  I will be in the second half of the program after intermission, so if you can’t come at that time but can make it later, I would like to see some familiar faces in the audience besides the ones I see at the center all of the time.

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