June 5, 2014


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The program I told you I am in is doing their presentation next Thursday, June 12 from 11:30 to 2:00 PM, not today as I wrote.  If any of you can come and only want to see the part of the performance I will be in come around 12:30 that will be intermission before Act 2, which is the one I will be in as I did say in my last post.  That is right, but the time and date are not.




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I am getting bad with dates.  The program I mentioned at Renaissance Court was not today.  I hope I did not send anyone there unnecessarily.  That did happen once before.  I had given Pastor a wrong date and he came to see it on the date I told him.  We both missed that one.

Ge Narrations

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I took part in a 6 week writing program sponsored by the Goodman Theater in which we are helped to write personal stories relating to the theme of the play they are showing.  This time the play is The White Snake, a Chinese myth and our theme was fairy tales, myths and legends.  We were to write about some we relate to even though the stories are not magical, they needed to have some kind of magical connection in our minds. Today is our program at Renaissance Court for those of use who took it there.  We will all get to read our stories.  I will be in the second part of the program which begins at 1:45.  If any of you can come I would be glad to see you there.  If you can’t make it to the full program, our instructor said to tell people to come at 2:30 to see the second act, which is the part I will be in.  For those of you who don’t know, Renaissance Court is the senior center in the Cultural Center at Randolph St and Michigan Ave.  I would be glad to see some familiar faces from outside the center.  Because our groups have grown so large, only two from each center will be represented in another program of all of the city centers.  That will be held at the Goodman Theater.

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