June 4, 2014


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Hey, friends, I have been hoping you would support me by buying copies of my E-book, even if it is not a preferred reading subject for you.  If you have not gotten a copy because you have no E-book reader, you don’t need one.  You can download apps for Kindle from Amazon and Nook from Barnes & Noble to your computer and they are free.  Then you will be able to order my books and download them, or get any of hundreds of E-books they have out.  Many books are free too.  I will have two books out very soon, THE HUNTER AND THE DEER and THE SALTY PRINCE.  I had to redo THE HUNTER AND THE DEER because my account was somehow deleted, so I am  just waiting for Book Rx to review them and put them up for sale with Amazon and  Barnes & Noble, as well as other E-book publishers I have never heard of.  Book Rx is a German company, so the books will be available there and in the U.K. and maybe other European countries as well, but I have no followers there.  I don’t even have a following here in the United States yet, but I am believing I will have.


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