April 14, 2014

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I saw an ad on craigslist about this new website looking for writers and I responded.  Greg Frazier, the creator responded with a long description of his credentials, what he is hoping to do with the site and what he would like in the way of articles.  I sent him one I had written and he liked it so it is now on as “Retirement Advice from a Retiree:  Tips I Wish I Had Known”

April 7, 2014


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I said this blog would be to track my writing experiences and I was only going to make entries when I had at least made some submission or written something I felt good about.  But, I have not written for so long, I must write, even if all I do is express my frustration.  I think I have learned how to identify a real writer and can classify myself as one, even when I am not writing.  Writing is a necessity for us.  We can go without it for periods of time, which are often referred to as “writer’s block” (not really a blockage, as a very good article I read described), but it makes us extremely uneasy.  Eventually, we have to return to it in some form, even if only to express our emotions.  The longer we do not write the more uncomfortable we become.  It could be compared to being on a fast, or hunger strike.  Writing is something we need

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