January 11, 2014

Beth Finke

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I just returned from an SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) event which was held at Cornerstone Ministries, home of Jesus People USA.  Although I have not renewed my membership for this year, they still let me attend, and I am very glad.  Our speaker was Beth Finke.  This woman went blind at the age of 26 and wrote a memoir called Long Time No See and children’s books as well.  Her seeing eye dog was with her. Beth teaches a class on memoir writing at the Renaissance Court senior center, to which I belong.  I had been interested in the class and it was recommended to me by those who are, or were, in it.  Being limited financially, I did not feel I could afford to take chorus and that, which both charge small fees.  The writing groups I have been active in there do not have any fees.  I also felt that my life has not been interesting enough for anyone to want to read about.

I had a chance to talk to Beth and tell her about how I felt and she encouraged me to think that I do have interesting stories worth telling.  She gives a writing  subject each week and the assignment is to write no more than 500 words about it.  Since meeting her I am going to have to enroll in her course.  We can always find ways to afford what is important to us if it means sacrificing a little somewhere else.  It was my destiny to meet her today and be encouraged to go in this direction.  So, you may be reading what I write for the classes here soon.


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