December 20, 2013


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I took a nap on Wednesday after doing a clown gig with the Chicago Senior Troupe and I woke up with a memory of a part of a dream.  That is where most of my ideas have been coming from, so I wrote down what I had in my mind.  On Thursday, I have been meeting with a group of fellow senior poets and I did not have a recent one to share.  I started working on it on the bus going downtown, but did not finish it.  I did that last night, (or rather early this morning between 3 and 5 AM because I am a night owl and hadn’t gone to sleep yet).  I also got  an idea for another poem and wrote that too.  This morning I typed them into the computer and posted them on my account, where you can find them.  I hope you will look for them and tell me how you like them.  The one inspired by my dream, while still in my rhyming pattern, is a very different kind of subject matter for me.

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