December 11, 2013

A Family Mourns (Tribune article)

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Does anyone besides me find the story of the death of 2 year old Jah’Niyah White strange? She died of a dog attack while at her grandfather’s home, but the death was ruled a homicide. The definition of a homicide is a killing of a person by another person. Does that mean someone ordered the dog to attack? What kind of dog was it? Articles are always blaming pit bulls when they attack someone, but no mention was made of the breed of dog that attacked her. Who owned the dog, her grandfather or a friend or neighbor of his? No mention is being made of that either. The death is being investigated and no charges have been filed against anyone yet. Why report a story in a way that arouses more questions than answers. The story could have been ignored, like so many other deaths are, or fewer details given to cover up what really happened. Will there be a follow-up to this story, or is it going to die out except for those directly involved?


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