December 27, 2013

Christmas Gifting

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I posted a poem I wrote called Christmas Gifting on the site and got a very nice review and request to have it included in a blog by a Nigerian college student.  I gave my permission and he sent me the link already so I could see it.  So my writing will be circulated in other parts of the world.  Sales of my EBook may have come from other countries too because a payment to my PayPal account was exchanged from Euros.  I have heard of American artists becoming more famous in other countries than in America and it could happen to me too, thanks to the wonder of the Internet.

December 23, 2013


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I have submitted two poems to Blue Mountain Arts poetry contest using parts of the song lyrics I wrote for the Coursera Songwriting course I took.  As they say, the same work can be used multiple ways.  I submitted one of my old poems to a religious magazine too, but I forgot the title od the magazine already.  I don’t keep track of my submissions well the way it is suggested.  I kind of like that because I can be surprised in a good way if it get accepted and don’t fret over how long it takes for a reply when I don’t remember sending it. I also sent one to Poetry Magazine a few days ago

December 20, 2013


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I took a nap on Wednesday after doing a clown gig with the Chicago Senior Troupe and I woke up with a memory of a part of a dream.  That is where most of my ideas have been coming from, so I wrote down what I had in my mind.  On Thursday, I have been meeting with a group of fellow senior poets and I did not have a recent one to share.  I started working on it on the bus going downtown, but did not finish it.  I did that last night, (or rather early this morning between 3 and 5 AM because I am a night owl and hadn’t gone to sleep yet).  I also got  an idea for another poem and wrote that too.  This morning I typed them into the computer and posted them on my account, where you can find them.  I hope you will look for them and tell me how you like them.  The one inspired by my dream, while still in my rhyming pattern, is a very different kind of subject matter for me.

December 11, 2013

A Family Mourns (Tribune article)

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Does anyone besides me find the story of the death of 2 year old Jah’Niyah White strange? She died of a dog attack while at her grandfather’s home, but the death was ruled a homicide. The definition of a homicide is a killing of a person by another person. Does that mean someone ordered the dog to attack? What kind of dog was it? Articles are always blaming pit bulls when they attack someone, but no mention was made of the breed of dog that attacked her. Who owned the dog, her grandfather or a friend or neighbor of his? No mention is being made of that either. The death is being investigated and no charges have been filed against anyone yet. Why report a story in a way that arouses more questions than answers. The story could have been ignored, like so many other deaths are, or fewer details given to cover up what really happened. Will there be a follow-up to this story, or is it going to die out except for those directly involved?

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