June 3, 2013

Christian Service Corps Final Draft

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CSC Final DraftCSC Final Draft

I took part in a storytelling workshop the Goodman Theater conducts in senior centers around the city. They have someone work with us to help us write stories of our lives that fit into themes they choose based on plays running at the theater. This time the theme was Ambition and Identity. At the end of the term, we perform our stories for an audience and two people from each center are picked to tell theirs at a citywide program. We had four people from our center because there were so many people who enrolled, we had to split into two groups so everyone had a fair chance to be heard. Each week people would read what they wrote and get comments from the other members of the group and the facilitator on how it could be improved. I got my dates mixed up and missed our performance so I decided to post my story here.

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