June 30, 2013

New Publication

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I had a story accepted for an e-book book by It is called Christian Service Corps. Their book is about people’s experiences out of their comfort zones and money raised from sales of it will be used to provide clean water to African villages. They are soliciting pledges to purchase it and plan to release it when they have enough promised sales to put it on the Amazon best seller list. The pledgers are all agreeing to buy it on the first day of it’s publication. Check in out and I hope you will sign up to buy a copy and support the cause.

June 21, 2013

Coursera Course

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I just completed a Coursera online course “Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade.” It was about the parts of speech and how to use them to write good sentences and paragraphs. I thought it would help me get better at writing and be a motivation but rather than motivating me, I found it doing the opposite. I wasn’t able to get my mind around writing sentences to fit into the formula of the assignments and I did not pay sufficient time reading the material. I think maybe online studies are not such a good way for me to try to learn but then I found more Coursera subjects that sounded interesting to me, so I am going to try again. I enrolled in a course on songwriting, mental health and one on psychology. I also re-enrolled in one on Modern Poetry, which I had started to take but got too far behind with reading and quit before I even did one lesson. By the time it starts again I should be more used to doing this kind of course and better able to keep up. The songwriting course starts soon and I am looking forward to that. I will blog about my progress with it.

June 13, 2013

Why I Write

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I just finished working on a five-week Coursera online course “Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade.” It was on parts of speech, and how to use them to write well. Since I have been out of school for such a long time, I thought that reviewing this information would be helpful to me. I did not put much effort into it, however, and I don’t think online studies are a good way for me to learn. I find reading the material online difficult and needed to print out something I really wanted to concentrate on. Our last assignment was to write a paragraph about something that we have an interest with an opening statement, supporting sentences and a conclusion. I wrote about why I like to write, which I hadn’t thought about very much. I was pleased with the paragraph I come up with, so I wanted to share it.

Writing is my favorite activity because through it I can share who I am, which I can’t verbalize or demonstrate. When I am writing, I immerse myself in it as one does reading a good novel. Time passes quickly and for a while I am free from anxiety, guilt over what I think I should be doing and my boring life. Writing teaches me about myself, what excites, confuses or upsets me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride when I read something I wrote and I can say, “That’s who I am and how I want to be known by others.” It makes me feel better about myself and I feel that my writing can encourage my readers as well. I hope that when they read my works they will feel as I have when I read books by great authors, “I know how that feels, I just couldn’t put it in words.”

Laundromat Property

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The Laundromat across the street, which caught on fire, has been demolished.  I posted a note about the fire and a picture of the Laundromat after it happened.  The building was torn down pretty quickly compared to many others that stay standing for years, so I believe there are plans for the property.  The bricks of the walls were packaged up for sale and taken away and now the foundation has been ripped up.  Pastor heard a rumor of what its going to replace it, but since it is a rumor, I will not repeat it.  We’ll wait and see and I will write about any other change as I see it.

June 3, 2013

Christian Service Corps Final Draft

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CSC Final DraftCSC Final Draft

I took part in a storytelling workshop the Goodman Theater conducts in senior centers around the city. They have someone work with us to help us write stories of our lives that fit into themes they choose based on plays running at the theater. This time the theme was Ambition and Identity. At the end of the term, we perform our stories for an audience and two people from each center are picked to tell theirs at a citywide program. We had four people from our center because there were so many people who enrolled, we had to split into two groups so everyone had a fair chance to be heard. Each week people would read what they wrote and get comments from the other members of the group and the facilitator on how it could be improved. I got my dates mixed up and missed our performance so I decided to post my story here.

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