April 19, 2013

Writing Again

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I have begun writing a lot again. One was another fairy tale poem, which fit very well with a cartoon “One Big Happy” by Rick Detorie. I sent him a copy and he responded. He also gave me permission to use the cartoon to promote my poem. So, here they are.

One Big Happy 001


The prince who kissed Sleeping Beauty
Was doing his princely duty.
Quite a number of years ago,
He heard another tale of woe.
A lass lay in a forest glen
Mourned by seven little men.
A poison apple which she ate
Had put her in a death like state.
The fairest in the land twas said,
Was just as lovely even dead.

The prince rode out to find her there,
With her fair skin and jet black hair.
When he saw her, he was smitten
So, he kissed her, as was written.
His kiss had brought her back to life
And, so he took her for his wife.
They were happy several years,
Till he heard a voice in his ears.
“You have a magic kiss,” it said.
“That wakens beauties from the dead.
You need to use that talent well,
Or you will find yourself in hell.”

So, the prince left Snow White grieving.
The dwarfs were glad that he was leaving.
Now, they have their housekeeper home.
Meanwhile, the prince is on the roam.
He rides his horse throughout the land,
Seeking places to lend a hand.
By his passion, he now is led
To any princess on death’s bed.
So, he found that lovely miss
To waken with his magic kiss.
They will be happy many days,
Till he finds someone else to raise.

Dear Christine,

I’m very impressed. I love this poem. It’s very clever and well-written.

And nothing beats a poem that rhymes.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

Ruthie may have inspired it, but you took it to the next step and made it your own.


One Big Happy
Rick Detorie


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