December 30, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

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This is not about my writing, but It’s Never Too Late to clown or act if you can join a senior center like the one I go to, which also has writing groups and an improv class. I did post a new poem about my pet birds Twitter and Chitter on Triond and their picture is there too.

Sorry, I think I am a day late on this challenge. I thought I had it posted but it was only a draft.

These photos loaded in reverse order. the one of me in the hat was my Easter outfit, then came my clown costume from Senior Fest. The headshot photos were taken by Cynergy Studio in July. The group photos and the one of me in that dress were the cast of a program I was in at our senior center. I was in two short scenes from two Neal Simon plays. I am posing with my fellow actors. The top pictures were taken on Christmas Eve at my Aunt’s house. One picture is me with a first cousin once removed, (I think that is the correct term) and the next is me with my Aunt. That summarizes my year.

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December 19, 2012

Published Ebook

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I finally did something with my story poems.

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December 4, 2012


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I know I said my blog was to be about my writing and i haven’t been doing much of it lately, except for this poem, but it is also never too late to try to start an acting career.  I am a member of Primus Theater which is part of our senior center downtown.  All of the plays we put on are performed by members of  the center and we are all over 50.  Winifred O’Reilly, who’s been at it for 20 years,  was our director again.   This year her production was highlights of the plays she directed in the 20 year period, and it may have been her last.  Some of the plays the cast did were written by two of her sons.

I acted  in scenes from two Neil Simon plays, Prisoner of 2nd Avenue and Odd Couple (for women).  We performed for five days, Wednesday through Sunday, but began rehearsing in October and had one to two rehearsals a week, plus our group from Odd Couple went over lines on our own after the official rehearsals.  It was a lot of work and I am still feeling tired and sleeping late.  There is also a let down when you aren’t seeing the people every week.   Three of us sing in the chorus at the senior center though and we will still be seeing each other every week, except on breaks between sessions.  This is what I looked like in Prisoner of 2nd Avenue.  It was a lot of fun and I received many compliments on my performances, especially in that play.

DSCN0030 (2)

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