December 8, 2011

Twitter and Chitter

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I still have not been able to get the birds to come on my finger willingly.  Chitter has a couple of times when she got tired of me “chasing her around the cage” and she sat there for a little while until she was rested up.  Twitter has only put a foot on me as he tried to get from one place to another in the cage to avoid my hand.  The birds are making a good deal of noise though now and Twitter is a very messy eater.  He pushes shells and seeds he does not like out of the cup onto the floor of the cage and I have seen him get into the cup and use his feet to do it when the seeds were low.  Their sleeping spot is on top of the swing in their cage, the highest place they can sit.  They do hop on and off of the swing and I have swung Chitter when she is sitting on it. They also use a ladder I put in the cage and Chitter especially plays with a string with colored bits of foil on the end that was a cat toy, but I hung it in the cage for them.  Tweeter never got on the swing or played with any toy, so having two birds has made a difference.  When one sees the other do something it will do it too.  The one thing I find very interesting and can’t understanding is how they sometimes will tweet exactly in unison.  I don’t mean that they keep it up, but sometimes they will both let out a tweet at the same time.  They like music, which Tweeter did too and get noisier when I play it for them, particularly an upbeat oldies tune.  The one thing that I don’t like is that they go to bed earlier than I do, although I have read that they will adjust to their owner’s schedules.  They are usually trying to sleep when the sun sets and when I cover the cage for them, if I have the TV on loudly one of the birds will tweet like it wants me to turn it down because when I do, it gets quiet.  Since they do go to sleep early, I only have mornings to try to play with them, or afternoons too if I stay home.  I have a bird training CD and have been playing “hello” repeatedly for them and saying it every morning but I haven’t heard them say anything that sounds like it yet although I think Chitter has been trying because she will chirp when it is playing.  Mostly though they are quiet and listening.  If I am talking on the phone they will tweet away, but not when I am talking to them.  They know when the attention is on them.


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