November 8, 2011

No New Pets Yet

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I last blogged about the loss of my parakeet and I  have been thinking about getting two this time but I have not made a final decision yet.  The Blue Magic pet shop in the building I live in has a lot of them now and they are all so cute it is hard to decide.  I am pretty sure that I will get a male and female this time though and see if they will mate.  At least they will have each other for company when I am away from home.  That was one of Tweeters problems.  The bird was alone too much, with a radio sometimes for company, but I did not always put that on either.  I don’t know if I will be able to train the new birds to talk when they will be able to talk bird talk to each other, but if I can get one to respond to me the other will have an example to follow and be easier to work with, at least that is what I hope.  Right now though I am in a financial bind and I want to make sure I can get out of it before I go deeper into debt with the birds.  Still, I would like to have them by Thanksgiving so I have something to give thanks for, and company if I end up spending the holiday alone.  I haven’t been working on any writing projects or going to the writing groups and with my computer not functioning I have been really frustrated and sort of in the dumps.  I am hoping that a friend of mine will be able to fix it soon.  It is amazing how quickly one becomes dependent upon them.


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