October 24, 2011

Another Pet Loss

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I am is a state of grief today over the death of my parakeet, Tweeter.  I knew the bird had not been acting normally lately but had no way of knowing it was obviously ill.  I  would not have taken it to a vet anyway because I am short on money right now and I don’t know if the last vet I was going to has much bird experience.  Anyway, the bird who usually chirped away with music had not been doing so lately.  Early this morning I woke up, around 4 AM and the bird must have too.  I heard four soft tweets and wondered if I should get up to check on the bird, but I heard no sound after that so I thought it must have been dreaming.  When I did get up hours later I went to uncover the cage and say good morning.  The bird was not on its usual spot on the perch.  Then I saw it laying dead on the bottom of the cage.  I did cry a little even though we had not formed the kind of bond I hoped we would.  I liked looking at it and hearing it sing.  I will miss that.  I am now giving the cage a good cleaning to make it ready for another bird.


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