October 8, 2011

Last Day of Illinois District Council

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Today began early with a men’s prayer service and worship, but women were allowed in too and there were at least four of us there.  That was followed with a very good breakfast and then the business session of the men’s group.  Some of our men got there for the breakfast and Pastor and others, including boys from the church got there for the business meeting and our church wan the trophy for the most delegates present.  After three consecutive wins the church gets to keep it.  We won twice in a row, but lost last year.  We got it back this year though.  The kids and some of the men, including Pastor left after that business session.  I stayed through the Christian Education sessions, the seminar, dinner and the evening service, to which Pastor returned.

I enrolled in a How to Study the Bible course which will be given at the council meetings and will grant a Bible school accreditation when it is completed.  Of course I have read books on studying the Bible and taken some classes before but not at a college level and it has been a long time since I did them, so this will be a good refresher and give me more information than I had before.

The main speaker and his choir (another large one), came in from Maryland, a 15 hour drive to be with us.  They came in very nice coach buses, but that kind of trip can be very tiring.  I don’t know if they spent the night anywhere, or will before returning or if they just stayed on the buses the entire trip.  My friend and I used to go on tours outside the city which were two or three hours away and we would get tired just from that ride, so I know it was hard on them.  They also wore choir robes and I saw them fanning themselves.  Our weather has been very warm this week, not usual for October, but September was cold and rainy all month so we welcome the break.  It is always so nice to be able to be out and enjoy looking at the trees in their fall colors before the leaves fall off.




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