October 7, 2011

Third Day of Illinois District Council

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Today the Illinois District Council began at 12:00 PM with a seniors meeting.  They served us a lunch too, which I did not expect because it was not listed on the schedule like the dinner hour.  There was a general service at 2:30. a meeting to introduce a new alliance being formed for those in ministry in the churches who are not pastors, a general business meeting and then the evening service.  We did not have a moving of the Holy Spirit in the business meeting this time, but we did at the evening service.

The speaker talked from II Corinthians 4:1-6 and his emphasis was that God has given us power by His grace to conquer our enemies and endure our trials and tribulations, but we have to hold on the faith and believe it.  An altar call was given and three people responded.  Then an invitation was given for those needing prayer to come up and more people came.  The choir that came with the speaker was the largest one I have seen in a church and it was not a combined choir, which we had last night.  The songs they sang really moved everyone.  We had a lot of praise to God going on.  That set the tone for the speaker.






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