October 6, 2011

Second Day of District Council

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I did not get to the meetings early today.  There was already a seminar in progress on holistic health and how it is Biblical.  At the business session, the Holy Spirit began to move and it turned into a Praise and Worship session.  I was even moved to tears but did not start dancing, as many people did.

I thought again about the challenge the women’s auxiliary presented yesterday called 91 Days of Praise.  From now to the next conference, which is 91 days away, we were encouraged to begin each day praising God.  If it can be kept up for 21 days it is likely to become a habit as they said, so 91 days should certainly make it one.  The message we were given was to be careful what we say because “What You Say is What You Get.”  Then, keeping up with the same theme the second session was to “Say What You Want, Not What You Have.”

Today our speaker at the Singles Ministry also talked about what we say and how we need to be careful about our thoughts and words because we can hurt ourselves and others by speaking negatively.  Tonight, the speaker talked about having faith in what God says to us even if it doesn’t seem to make sense and no one else believes it is possible.  If God said it, He will do it, but in His time and way, not necessarily what we expect.  So, we have to have faith to believe that we will get what we ask for when the timing is right.


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