October 24, 2011

Another Pet Loss

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I am is a state of grief today over the death of my parakeet, Tweeter.  I knew the bird had not been acting normally lately but had no way of knowing it was obviously ill.  I  would not have taken it to a vet anyway because I am short on money right now and I don’t know if the last vet I was going to has much bird experience.  Anyway, the bird who usually chirped away with music had not been doing so lately.  Early this morning I woke up, around 4 AM and the bird must have too.  I heard four soft tweets and wondered if I should get up to check on the bird, but I heard no sound after that so I thought it must have been dreaming.  When I did get up hours later I went to uncover the cage and say good morning.  The bird was not on its usual spot on the perch.  Then I saw it laying dead on the bottom of the cage.  I did cry a little even though we had not formed the kind of bond I hoped we would.  I liked looking at it and hearing it sing.  I will miss that.  I am now giving the cage a good cleaning to make it ready for another bird.

October 12, 2011

Another Missed Day

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It must not be the right time for me to try the Postaday challenge.  I have missed several days already.  I can start again in November.  It is always easier to begin at the beginning of a month anyway.  Today I went to the International Film Fest again to see the second of the two films I picked out.  This one, The Clown was from Brazil.  It was an interesting insight into a very small circus which travels from one small town to another putting on their shows.  The owner and his son are both clowns, but the young man is not sure he wants to stay a clown.  I won’t say any more about the plot but it was very good.  One young man who seemed to be a film student from Columbia college who sponsored the event was telling his friends that it was the best film he had seen there.

I got back home just in time to put my things down and go across the street to church for the Bible study and choir rehearsal.  The choir is going to be busy this month going with the pastor and his wife to other churches where they have been invited to speak or to just celebrate with the church on their anniversary.

October 10, 2011

Another Missed Day

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Well, I see I missed another day of posting so I guess I will not make the Postaday Challenge.  I spent all day at the Council and got home late and tired.  I did go online to read a few emails and played a few games to wind down before going to sleep, but I forgot all about blogging.  Today I went to the International Film Festival to get two tickets for film.  I won a voucher for them and the summer films they showed at the Cultural Center.  I will go tomorrow and Wednesday to two daytime showings which are only $5.00 tickets, but I don’t want to be coming home from downtown on public transportation real late.  That was why I did not choose to go to one tonight at 7:00 PM which I would have liked to have seen.  It is about the psychologists Jung and Freud and one patient they both became infatuated with.  I will probably be able  to get that from the library one day.

The film I chose to go to on Wednesday is about a clown who was born into a clown family and had always been one but decides to leave the circus and his attempt to find other work.  This is not likely to be shown on television or make the library stock and since I joined the senior clown troupe, I thought it would be fun to see.

I am tagging this as a Postaday in case I do get on the roll again.

October 8, 2011

Last Day of Illinois District Council

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Today began early with a men’s prayer service and worship, but women were allowed in too and there were at least four of us there.  That was followed with a very good breakfast and then the business session of the men’s group.  Some of our men got there for the breakfast and Pastor and others, including boys from the church got there for the business meeting and our church wan the trophy for the most delegates present.  After three consecutive wins the church gets to keep it.  We won twice in a row, but lost last year.  We got it back this year though.  The kids and some of the men, including Pastor left after that business session.  I stayed through the Christian Education sessions, the seminar, dinner and the evening service, to which Pastor returned.

I enrolled in a How to Study the Bible course which will be given at the council meetings and will grant a Bible school accreditation when it is completed.  Of course I have read books on studying the Bible and taken some classes before but not at a college level and it has been a long time since I did them, so this will be a good refresher and give me more information than I had before.

The main speaker and his choir (another large one), came in from Maryland, a 15 hour drive to be with us.  They came in very nice coach buses, but that kind of trip can be very tiring.  I don’t know if they spent the night anywhere, or will before returning or if they just stayed on the buses the entire trip.  My friend and I used to go on tours outside the city which were two or three hours away and we would get tired just from that ride, so I know it was hard on them.  They also wore choir robes and I saw them fanning themselves.  Our weather has been very warm this week, not usual for October, but September was cold and rainy all month so we welcome the break.  It is always so nice to be able to be out and enjoy looking at the trees in their fall colors before the leaves fall off.



October 7, 2011

Third Day of Illinois District Council

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Today the Illinois District Council began at 12:00 PM with a seniors meeting.  They served us a lunch too, which I did not expect because it was not listed on the schedule like the dinner hour.  There was a general service at 2:30. a meeting to introduce a new alliance being formed for those in ministry in the churches who are not pastors, a general business meeting and then the evening service.  We did not have a moving of the Holy Spirit in the business meeting this time, but we did at the evening service.

The speaker talked from II Corinthians 4:1-6 and his emphasis was that God has given us power by His grace to conquer our enemies and endure our trials and tribulations, but we have to hold on the faith and believe it.  An altar call was given and three people responded.  Then an invitation was given for those needing prayer to come up and more people came.  The choir that came with the speaker was the largest one I have seen in a church and it was not a combined choir, which we had last night.  The songs they sang really moved everyone.  We had a lot of praise to God going on.  That set the tone for the speaker.





October 6, 2011

Second Day of District Council

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I did not get to the meetings early today.  There was already a seminar in progress on holistic health and how it is Biblical.  At the business session, the Holy Spirit began to move and it turned into a Praise and Worship session.  I was even moved to tears but did not start dancing, as many people did.

I thought again about the challenge the women’s auxiliary presented yesterday called 91 Days of Praise.  From now to the next conference, which is 91 days away, we were encouraged to begin each day praising God.  If it can be kept up for 21 days it is likely to become a habit as they said, so 91 days should certainly make it one.  The message we were given was to be careful what we say because “What You Say is What You Get.”  Then, keeping up with the same theme the second session was to “Say What You Want, Not What You Have.”

Today our speaker at the Singles Ministry also talked about what we say and how we need to be careful about our thoughts and words because we can hurt ourselves and others by speaking negatively.  Tonight, the speaker talked about having faith in what God says to us even if it doesn’t seem to make sense and no one else believes it is possible.  If God said it, He will do it, but in His time and way, not necessarily what we expect.  So, we have to have faith to believe that we will get what we ask for when the timing is right.

October 5, 2011

Missed Post

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Even counting the post I made at 12:?? AM as being made the day before, I noticed when I posted it that I still missed one day.  Oh, well, so much for that plan.  I guess I have to start over now if I expect to go a full month with no misses.  At least I am getting this one done on time.  I wasn’t sure I would because it was the first day of our District Council.  I was at the host church about 8 blocks from home for 12 hours today, or close to it.  I got there before 10 AM when they began a prayer service and the ending service tonight ended at about 9:30 PM.  Some of the council services went on longer.  Since I was so close to home this time, it did not take long for Pastor to drive me home either.  Some of the ones I attended took close to an hour to get back from.

There was no lunch served today, but I ate a good breakfast at a snack shop around the corner from them before I went in this morning.  So did another lady I saw there later.  Neither of us observed a fast from the time we arose til 4:00 PM which is what our churches ask us to do.  At 4:00 PM the host church served a good dinner and that comes free with the registration fee for the conference which is $15.00.  Next year I will only have to pay $7.00, or whatever the amount they will be charging seniors if they raise it.  They start that at 66, not 65.

Few people from our church attended, a couple of ladies came in the morning and left and some others came only for the evening.  Our Pastor’s wife was there all day though from the time she got there.  She came for the 12:00 PM session, but not for the early prayer service.  I don’t think she is coming tomorrow, but I will.  It will not begin until 1:00 PM though.  This conference is starting later and ending earlier than others did.  I don’t know if that was a decision made by the board that will apply to all conferences from now on or if it was just made according to what this host church could handle.

Can I Still Count This?

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I missed the post for the day officially because it is after 12:00 AM on a new day, but I consider my day the time I am up, so To me it is still October 4.  Can I count it that way for the challenge?

Today I did a lot of laundry and went to the senior center downtown where I played Wii bowling.  I didn’t do too well on the first game, third of the four of us who played with a score of a little over 100, but on the second game I had four strikes in a row and scored 224.  That was the best I have done.

I will make this a short post because I still want to read some emails and then I need to get to bed.  Tomorrow is the start of our church’s Illinois District Council and it is only  a short walk from my apartment this time so I will be able to easily attend all of the meetings.  I want to get some sleep though or I will be sleeping through them.

October 2, 2011

Bad News

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I don’t have any happy news to report today.  I just got a call from my niece that her mother (my brothers ex-wife) died tonight and this was just two or three weeks after he did.  We don’t know if that was what caused her death but it is awful to lose both parents so close together that way and it not being an accident where they died together.  I don’t feel like saying anymore now, but I did want to get this post for the day done.

October 1, 2011

Day 2 of Post a Day Challenge for Me

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Today I went downtown to get a DVD I put on hold at the library and to take my external CD-DVD drive to a friend who is a computer technician to see if she can find out if it is faulty and fix it if she is able.  She teaches computer work and said she will take that to her class for them to use as a project.  I lost the installation CD, which I could not have run anyway because I don’t have any other CD drive.  I found the guide though and I emailed the company that did the software and told them my problem and they emailed me the files.  Tonight I was trying to see how I could email them to my friend.

I did do a little journal writing this morning, which I had been doing regularly but was behind on for four days.  I always feel restless when I miss several days that way.  It is like I have to write to be satisfied with my life.  I know other writers experience that too and I guess that shows I have a passion for it, but I don’t feel passionate about writing.

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