September 30, 2011

Post A Day Challenge

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 I began this blog I was posting every day, or at least close to it.  I got tired of making comments about what I was not doing with my writing ambition, which was what the blog was supposed to be about, so I put in fewer posts.  I only reported when I had done some writing worth mentioning.  I joined this challenge though, so I will be writing more again.

Today I went to the rehearsal for the new Primus play after chorus rehearsal, but when I found out the idea the director had to give me a little walk on part in the play I decided it is not worth it.  If she let me do more than that I would gladly participate.

I will not be going to all of the writing groups either.  They are getting too large for my taste and I do not like the liberal views of most of the participants.  I will not change their opinions, nor they mine, so it is best I leave them alone and let them associate with one another.  I will probably go to the journal writing though.  It is a smaller group and we have shared more personally with each other and I like that and would miss it.  I have not gone as regularly as I used to because I got involved with other things that met on the same day and the time overlapped or I just was too tired to get out early in the morning or wanted to do something at home for a change.

I took some African Drum Circle lessons at the Cultural Center recently.  That was fun and so is the Wii bowling, which I do now.  We are going to try other sports, but I think the bowling will be everyone’s favorite.  This week we got a taste of golf.

As for my writing ambition, I haven’t written anything new for some time, but I did submit a query and chapters of one of my works to an agent who said his firm is looking for new clients, published or non-published and one of their specialities is children’s books.  I should be working on a third story of the three-part series my instructor with ICL has requested but I have not begun that yet.  I am one of those last-minute writers.  I think about ideas up until a deadline and can’t make up my mind until I am forced to come up with something quickly.

I did not use this weekly inspiration for my writing today, but maybe I will before my first week of the postaday is over, if I get stuck for ideas.


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