September 11, 2011

Update on Primus Play

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Well, I said I would l keep you up to date on my audition for the Primus play.  It was down to two woman for the part and I did not get it.  The director still wants to have me involved in the play in some way as a walk on character and I may understudy one of the female characters, but I do not feel I could handle all of them as the lady who got the part suggested.  There are four of them but only two have major dialogue.  Still, that would be more than I could memorize by the week in November when it will be performed.  I was disappointed about not getting a role, but I try to tell myself that it is best for me because I have been doing too much running around to programs downtown and not getting things done here and I find I get tired quicker than I did even a year ago.

Today,  (yesterday really) I decided that I needed to work on the book reviews for Children’s Literature.  I wrote up rough drafts for two, but have not typed them yet.  I will work on that later today, (it is a new day already).  And now, I need to get some sleep.


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