August 29, 2011


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I have 7 posts on my new blog now at but I have not done much other writing lately, just the daily journal entries.

I plan to audition for another Primus Theater play on Saturday and will keep you informed about how I do. I did not get into the Time of Your Life Players coming up production. The director encouraged me to keep singing because he said I had a good voice but I lack confidence.

Our minister of music at church works really hard to try to get us to be the best we can be and one rehearsal when I was the only soprano who showed up I had to carry the whole part. At one where there were two of us and someone was not on key he asked me to sing it by myself and said my pitch was perfect but I need to sing louder. I am trying and getting better at it, but the altos still outnumber us and make it hard for me to hear our part. I hope he will let me do more solo or leads on songs but he must not feel I am ready yet even though I did do Oh, Holy Night last Christmas season and surprised everyone. He has not asked me to do any song since then.

August 13, 2011

The Blog South Shoreline

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After spending hours trying to get into this blog because I could not remember the password I used and I was trying all I could think of that I currently use, I finally got to the right one for this site.

I posted my first blog entry for Chicago Now. It can be found by searching either ccassello or South Shoreline under

If I have anyone reading this blog, I hope you will check out the official one I now have.

August 10, 2011

Official Blogger

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I submitted a proposal, and was accepted , to write a blog for Chicago Now,  an online site by the Chicago Tribune newspaper.  My blog will cover events taking place in the  South Shore, South Chicago and East Side where politicians, community leaders and churches are making efforts to improve the conditions of the neighborhoods and make things easier and more pleasant for its residents.  When I starting posting, I will inform anyone who reads this blog and they can follow it if they would be interested.  It will be titled SouthShoreline.

Blog at