May 4, 2011

Writing Again

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After not doing much, or any, for a period of time I am back to writing again.  I finished a poem this morning that I will share with the group I belong to tomorrow.  I thought it would be a longer story poem, but it turned out about half the size I expected it to be.  I may be able to use that and expand on it another day, but for now it will do. 

I am also going to type up the beginning of a draft for a new story for my ICL course.  I joined Children’s Book Insider’s Bookworm bought a 261 page e-book from them about writing and publishing children’s books and am doing a monthly program with them online.  Their material is very inspiring and informational.  I haven’t started reading the book yet because I have to be sure I am in the right mood to digest what I read.

There was a list of children’s books that were recommended for reading for the first module of the course and I have not gotten around to reading them either.  I am still trying to finish reading the last book I got from Children’s Literature.  I’m going to have to reread it following the guidelines that were given about reading like a writer.  Up to now I have only been reading as a reader, for the enjoyment of the story. 

The course has a video about what we should pay attention to as we read, number of pages,  length of stories, words used and sentence structure for different ages, how the illustrations fit the story and how many are it the books.  That was some of what I remember them saying we should be noticing and of course who is publishing what kind of material.  It seems like a lot of work, but they make it sound like fun.


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