April 21, 2011


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The new agency I was hoping would represent me in the children’s picture book market just sent me an email rejection yesterday.  That is why I don’t believe in Positive Thinking and how I learned to be more of a pessimist.  If one does not have high hopes it is better to be unexpectedly pleased if something works out well than to be convinced in one’s mind that it will go well and be let down.  Rejection is painful.  Fortunately, I have matured enough to not let is stop me from trying and hoping that the next one will succeed.  I used to take it a lot harder.  A rejection like that, when I was convinced that it was in God’s plan for me to get it, would cause me to rebel against God and stop me from doing His will.  Now, I am able to look at it and think to myself, this was just not the right time and place.


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