April 16, 2011

Story Submitted to Agency

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Yesterday, as I read the current issue of Children’s Book Insider, I saw two listings of agencies.  One is new and was looking for children’s picture book material.  I spent the rest of the morning revising one of my stories, which has not been accepted anywhere I sent it, so it would be under 1,000 words.  They said they were not interested in anything over that.  This took up more time than I expected and I did not get to the first chorus rehearsal of the new season as a result, but this was more important to me.  I submitted the story to them and hope to get a positive response in about 10 weeks, which is when they say they usually reply by.  I hate waiting, but if I keep busy maybe the time will pass quickly.

Today is a cold, windy, wet day, the kind in which there are only a few things I feel like doing, probably in the following order:

  1. Sleep
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Watch movies
  5. Listen to music on the radio (especially oldies)

I was at the library returning an overdue book (which I hadn’t even started to read, so I did not take it out again, I will another day).  I picked up a DVD I had on hold, An Education and took out Evita, which I had seen when it came out but don’t remember well.  I also have Definitely Maybe and Funny Girl.  I love musicals.

I am finally about ready to go back to the ICL lesson (Institute of Children’s Literature for anyone who has not read my blog before and did not know what those letters stand for).  I posted the problem I was having on the Writer’s Relief discussion board there and got some good suggestions, so I am re-inspired now.

I also received a very detailed and helpful review of a short story I posted on and now I am eager to use the suggestions that person made in a revision of the story.  As for reading today, I need to finish the last book I have to review for Children’s Literature.  I think that is enough to do today.


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