March 2, 2011

Mixed Bag Day

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This morning I awoke to a sunny day and I knew I wanted to get out.  I looked on the calendar of my cell phone and saw that the only thing listed was Improv.  That was usually fun, so I thought I will go to that and maybe get some writing ideas also.  I went out and found out it was colder than I expected and for some other reason I went back up, put on another layer and got whatever it was I went back for and headed downtown.  I got to the Cultural Center and found out there was no Improv today.  I know they meet every other week but it felt like the last one I was at was more that one week ago.

I got a scone and coffee at the cafe and considered what else I may want to do while I was downtown, and I lost a pair of nylon or some such thin material gloves.  I must have put them down on the table I was at and forgotten them and by the time I missed them, they were gone.  That sort of dampened my spirit and I decided to just go back home.

When I did get back, I called a friend.  While we were talking, my cell phone rang.  I did not answer it but looked to see who the call was from.  Usually only one person calls me on it and I did not want to talk to her.  This time though it was my aunt.  I suddenly remembered that last week I told her that Tuesday was a day I could go to visit her and I told my friend she was calling to see where I was.  So, we hung up and I quickly put my coat back on grabbed my purse and headed back out.  I called her to tell her I was on my way.  (Her message on voicemail said she hoped I hadn’t forgotten I said I would come over.)

I made good connections on all but one bus getting there and we had a nice visit and I saw my cousin whom I had not seen for at least 10 years, I think longer, I believe he said 15.  My aunt ordered a pizza to be delivered and gave me some to take home, and rather than a birthday cake for a belated birthday celebration for me, she had a peach pie.  She also let me take some of that home, gave me two frozen dinners and a check in a card.  So, it was a nice after birthday party.


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