February 22, 2011

Walter Mosley Article

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In the Literary Living course I am taking one of our assignments was to read, or listen to an audio or watch a video of authors, and report what we felt about what they had to say.  I had only done five authors and the assignment called for at least six, so I had one more to do.  I had originally intended to do Julia Cameron, and Salman Rushdie, but since several others did those two authors, I decided to find one that I had not seen anyone comment on and picked Walter Mosley.  I am glad not all of the material from the authors was as long as the first couple I read.  His was only two pages and I liked it enough to print it out, as well as Richard Ford’s.

Mr. Mosley gave the best description I have read on why it is important for writers to write every day and how our “muse” as it is called operates on our subconscious so we need to get the thoughts down before we lose them.  He spoke of ideas coming to us in dreams and how quickly those can be forgotten but did not recommend keeping a pad of paper and pen or pencil handy to write down a dream that wakes us up while we can still remember at least a portion of it.

I have gotten entire poem stories from one sentence of a thought that was in my mind when I woke up, or a piece of dream will become a scene for a story, or a character we had not planned to create.  It is a fascinating process.


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