February 12, 2011

Story Rewrite

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I did not blog about the first time I began to rewrite my short story.  But, this is the second day I have worked on it.  I was up from about 12 AM to 3 AM writing.  But, I wasn’t finished.  I still had to do the Morning Pages as suggested by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  I did some more book reviews for Institute of Children’s Literature some time ago too.  I my have blogged about that already.

Reading and commenting on the material in the Literary Living course and making comments on other writer’s comments keeps me pretty busy for at least a half a day.  I am behind on the material too.  It is too much to take in that quickly.  I want to start reading the book on motivation soon.  We are to think about that and what motivates us as we read it and share that with the others in our group.

Although we have been divided into small groups, four in ours, there are not that many participants that we limit our interaction with only our group.  At least ours does not.  The four of us are all close in age and three of us are retired.  The other woman is looking for work and in the meantime developing a daily habit of writing.

There’s a board for us to share writing with others and I have put on a couple of the poems I wrote on writing and writers and one religious meditation.  I admit that I have not read what everyone has posted yet.  I plan on doing so though before the program ends.


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