February 3, 2011

Snowed In

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Well, thanks to the snowfall yesterday and today, the senior center I go to was closed and classes cancelled, so I had no reason to go out.  I would not have anyway when I saw how bad it was.  They were good days for reading, writing, and watching movies.  I just thought of adding a picture of the snow to this blog but it is night already and I do not have batteries in my camera, besides you have probably seen pictures of it in the news. 

 All I read so far though was my Bible and devotional book and emails.  I am amazed at how much time I can spend on them.  I did do two books reviews today for Children’s Literature.  The books I reviewed were Cool Down and Work Through Anger,  by Cheri J. Meimers and The Smith Family’s New Puppy, by Dina  Smith-Mansell.  I enjoyed them both.

As I have been noticing with all of the books they send me, they are being written to teach some kind of lesson and may be used at home or in a classroom.  So, if there are any writer’s reading my blog who think they would like to write for children.  Keep that in mind.  Since children’s books is my focus now, I need to see how I can do that.  Writing these reviews gives me a good opportunity to see what is being published without having to go to the library or book stores.


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