January 31, 2011

Rewrite in Progress

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I don’t remember when I worked on it but I believe the day of my last post I got an idea I wanted to use in a short story I had written.  I believe it was two days after that when I wrote a new first and second page for it.  So, I had to write a blog about this bit of writing progress.

The Literary Living program is going well.  I have been keeping up with my first month’s habit of writing Morning Pages.  We are now getting ready to do phone interviews with a partner about our writing.  That will be interesting because the Introverts in the group do not like talking on the phone for some reason, so we will be trying to discover that and stretching beyond our comfort zones.

I will report how that goes.  Right now, the other lady I asked to be my partner because we seem to have a lot in common and are often commenting on each other’s posts and replies to other participant’s posts, is not ready and neither.  That is another thing we share.

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