January 26, 2011

Not Too Old for Improv

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That is the name of the group I met with at the Renaissance Court senior center today.  It was not the first time I was at one, but I had missed the last one or two.  Before going down there though, I wrote in my journal and while I was on the bus heading downtown I began to have some new ideas for a short story I have written.  So, I felt I could blog about that, since it does relate to my writing.

Before the Improv group session, I went to a talk by a dietitian on eye health.  I had forgotten that I had signed up for it and it was today, but I got down there earlier to hear most of what she was sharing and to pick up her hand out.

The Improv group was fun.  One thing they did that was my favorite exercise was that we had a bag of objects and each of us took one and had to make up three other things that the object was.  Then we passed it around in a circle and each of us did one object from the bag and made up one use for the item.

After the Improv group ended, I had time to get something to eat, (I just got a snack) before one of my writing groups met.  This was Write Right, the one that meets every two weeks.  I had not made a not of the new schedule so I was not prepared for the meeting today, but I sat in and listened and commented on the work shared by the others.  There were others of us in the group who also did not bring any writing to share.  So, I had a very full and fun day today.


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