December 11, 2010

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I really don’t think that anyone is reading this. Why should they care about my day-to-day activities after all.  So, I have not been writing every day. I will do entries every now and then, just to keep in practice.

I have revised my short story according to the advice of Pegi Shea, the Institute of Children’s Literature instructor, who is working with me. Now, I have to get busy finding markets and submitting it. She wants me to send her outlines for two more stories with my same pigeon characters, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything for them yet. I said I’d have it sent in January 15. I hope by then I will have thought of something.

Also, in January, I will be going on a weekend writers retreat held at a conference center on the north side of Chicago.  I will also start an online program called Literary Living. It is designed to help us get to know how to understand ourselves and what patterns work for us so we don’t try to force ourselves to follow advice we got that does not work for us. That is often why we get discouraged and give up. We just need to learn our uniqueness and work with it and not against it. It should be a very helpful program.  We will work with small groups of people who will be responsible to assist us with our assignments and we will be holding each other accountable. That is just what I need to stay motivated.


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