November 29, 2010

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I put the original date of this entry on my other blog because it has been quite a long time since I was able to get into this one to make entries here. This entry explained the problem I was having.

Keeping up with this blog is becoming more difficult, especially when I have been frustrated with the problems I am having with my computer. While it is working faster and better with Google Chrome, I still am locked out of Hotmail and I don’t know if it is accumulating messages or if they have not gotten through either. It appears that messages I tried to send to Microsoft, or they to me, on Google, have not gone through.


Since this blog was to be about my writing efforts, I do need to report that I did do some writing yesterday. I am in a workshop sponsored by Goodman Theater to get seniors writing about our lives and sharing our stories. We meet for six weeks and write and share one story of our lives in the group. At the end of the sessions, we put on a program. We invite friends and families and we read our stories. This time, (I did the group last year) we are going to try to make the presentations more dramatic.

Tomorrow is an anniversary party for RC and our chorus and each group which meets at the center and wants to, or is able to, participates with something to represent the group. It is sort of a preview of what the center offers and our chorus has gotten new members from those who have heard us at this or of holiday concerts.

Tess, the woman who leads to workshop for Goodman said that she was asked if our group would like to participate and she said that we could have one or two readings of “works in progress”. She asked if I would like to read mine and I said that I would. Our theme is to write about either the happiest time we can remember or a problem we overcame. We are to model the play Candide, which is what Goodman is showing now. We’ll get a free ticket to a performance for being in the group and our program gets recorded for WBEZ radio’s podcast



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