October 6, 2010

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I did not go out yesterday and went to bed early, for me, without blogging.  I think I am feeling the after effects of all of the activity of the week of the play.  It was more exhausting than I realized.  Even today, I did not get out of bed until 9:30 or somewhat close to that and I was in bed by 11:00 PM last night.

Today, I did not go out until late afternoon and then only went to the Family Dollar store down on the next block.  On the way home I stopped at the pet store at the corner of our building.  They were closed but the owners were just locking up and let me in so I could see their parakeets.  I asked about the cost of getting one with a cage and supplies and he told me and convinced me to come and see what they had.

I have always been partial to the light blue birds, which was what my first two parakeets were.  I also made the parakeet in my first published short story that color.  I had thought that when I was ready to get another pet, I would get a parakeet again and name it Tweeter, after my character.  I was thinking of waiting until I receive payment for my second published work and celebrating by treating myself to the bird.  If I did not get it then, I thought  I would wait till Thanksgiving or Christmas.  When I saw the birds, however, I knew I had to get one.  The one I chose is blue and white, but he has a yellow head.  This unusual pattern caught my attention right away and even though I liked the others too, I felt that I needed to get that one before someone else did.  So, I now have a new companion. 

I feel sorry for the bird taking it away from its friends.  The pet shop owner suggested that I should consider getting another bird so he will have a companion.  But, I know when we had more than one bird at the same time they did not learn to talk because all they did was chatter to each other.  I would like to teach this bird to say some words.  Maybe, if he appears to be lonely, I will get another bird later, but not yet.

October 4, 2010

October 3, not October 4.

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I’m a little late writing this so when I say today, I am referring to October 3, not October 4, which is only 12 minutes old here in Chicago as I type this sentence.

Our final performance of the play was today, (see comment above). We had another good audience. They haven’t been large, between 25 to 50, but they have been pretty responsive. Today several cast members had relatives there. Our cast member who had been out for two days but returned for the last performance was also there today for our last one.

Last night I sent out an email to all of those in the play who had given me one and sent them copies of the pictures I took. For those who did not have email accounts, I made up pages of a photo book but I printed it out of regular printer paper. I did make two pictures on photo paper, one of our director, which I gave her and one of a woman who dressed as Mark Twain for the play. I gave her that picture of her in costume.

October 3, 2010

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Well, there is only one more play performance.  It will feel strange and we will miss it and each other, but I am glad we are not carrying it out longer.  The past few days I have not been getting to bed till early morning and I am feeling it.  The play is not as much fun as when we started.  Now it is more like work.

It is still interesting how no two performance are identical.  One day we will remember our lines almost flawlessly and the next day we mess up.  Lines that are missed it one show will be remembered for the next, but other lines will get forgotten.  That makes stage performance challenging and interesting.  We are never sure how it will go, and we don’t get to see and hear what the audience does.

The original cast member who had missed the last two days did come today.  The playwright, who had been reading his part was also there again in the audience.  He has an advantage over us, because he does see and hear it and also finds out how it is received by the audience.  Win said he has already begun work on another play for Primus Theater.  I will try out again, if I stay healthy enough.

Some of the cast have worked with Win for many years and Beau, her son, had certain people in mind as the characters when he wrote the play.  He states that in the program.  Now, he has seen what some new people are capable of and he can consider us too.

I will miss our star and the others who are active in other theater groups on the North side of the city.  But, several of us are from Renaissance Court and sing in the chorus, so we will see each other often.

October 2, 2010

It’s NeverToo Late!

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Today was day three of the play and we have two more to go.  Our actor who is having back problems was not there again today and the author again read the part and I believe will on Sunday too.  He can’t be there tomorrow, so the original cast member is going to make it in for that one show, at least that is the plan.

This audience was about the same size as yesterday but not as enthusiastic.  We got some laughs, but not where we thought we would and there was not applause at each scene change like there was yesterday.  Our leads messed up some lines they did better on last performance but the author felt that the last scene which includes me was the best we have done so far and got the best reaction from the audience.

My aunt was able to come today and said she enjoyed it.  There were at least two people from the poetry group there but I only got to talk to one briefly who said he enjoyed it too.  We had a few people from the chorus too, including the assistant to the director.  She came to lunch with my aunt and I after I changed clothes and we had a nice chat.

October 1, 2010

It’s Never Too Late!

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Forgive me for calling this today, when I am writing about events that took place yesterday because it is now 12:47 AM on October 1.  As I wrote though earlier, it is still Sept. 30 to me because I have not been to bed yet.

I thought we had a good audience yesterday for our opening day of the play but today, with fewer people, we had a better response.  Even the two security guards, (of which I play one) got laughs and I don’t remember hearing any yesterday.  One of our actors was having back pain and could not come, but his part is all done on a telephone, so the author of the play read his part.  Of course he read it differently.  As a result, the lead, who he was talking to, played his part differently too.

I came home from the play and went with our church group to see Universoul Circus.  It was really good.  I could not remember the last time I had been to a circus and I like the small one ring ones like this better than Barnum and Bailey.  With that circus, you miss too much because you have to divided your attention to take in one ring at a time.  Also, the seats are much further away.

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