October 20, 2010

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I said that I would not be writing for couple of days because I was spending them with a friend.  We had a nice time, but after a long drive on Sunday, we were both tired Monday.  (That is when you really notice your age.)  I did not stay up to blog but I did make it to church for the prayer time. 

I had forgotten about it, but the other lady in the building who joined the church rang my bell outside first.  I did not answer because if I am not expecting anyone and do not know who is ringing the bell I will not let them in.  Often people ring the wrong door bells as our names are not very clear on the door now and kids or Jehovah’s Witnesses may just right every bell and expect that maybe at least one person will respond.

Anyway, since she is in the building, she had a key and came up and knocked on my door.  Then, after checking that it was her I answered.  She said First Lady had asked her to come over to check up on me since I missed service on Sunday.  When I assured her that I was well, she asked if I was going over for prayer which was about to start, so I got myself over there.

I told First Lady and Pastor that I appreciate them being concerned enough to check up on me.  Since my relatives are a great distance away and we do not see each other or communicate much, the church family will be closer and more helpful to me if I need assistance, or just to have someone to talk to.  I will need to see what kind of schedule the woman in my building has and maybe we can get together for a one on one Bible study.


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