October 15, 2010

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This morning I went to the journal writing group and shared my blog about my new pet, (not the poem).  I would have shared the Tweeter Tweet for Me poem with Brown Bag Poets, but the Improv group was meeting at a time that overlapped the poetry, so four of us were not there at the poetry meeting today, myself and the three who began the Improv group and are part of Brown Bag Poets.

We had fun today and I even got into it a couple of times on an exercise where we were to be parts of a machine and make motions and gestures.  One person started and then more of us came up and added to it.  For a Silly Goose machine, I made wing flapping motions like the Chicken Dance with my elbows bent and I honked.

I did not volunteer for later skits which required talking.  One was two movie reviewers discussing a movie, which three others had to act out when they called for the clip to be shown.  The first group responded to the movie that was given but not to the comments of the reviewers about what scene was being shown.  They were quick to come back with “That was the wrong clip.”

Another one was that one word was given to start and each person added one word to it and they went back and forth several times.  Some did word associations and then they would get to others who tried to make sentences.  That is an interesting way to find out more about how the people think, which would be useful to the formation of a performing Improv group like the leader hopes to have develop.


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