October 14, 2010

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Today I woke up very early for me, about 5:50.  I could not go back to sleep because I had a cough and a stuffed nose and my mind was going in circles.  I decided I had best do the journal writing then to clear my mind and save time, because i knew I had a full day of activities scheduled.

I went downtown and signed up for the continuation of The Supreme Court and the Constitution, but I did not feel like going in late and did not have much money with me and I needed to pay for the Tai Chi class too.  So, I just sat and chatted with another lady who was also taking part in the Goodman writing workshop and had been in it the first time they did the program, along with me.  We had two other people from the first group who are going through it again too.  Of the new people, two I know from writing groups, and one from our plays, so there are only a couple of people I don’t know at all.  We have more story tellers this time and that is what Tess wants to emphasize so that works out well.  In our first group, we concentrated more on the writing and just read what we wrote for the program at the end.  This time she wants us to make the presentations of our works more dramatic.

After that ended, I got a little lunch and went to Tai Chi.  I found it a little easier to follow this time and the instructor went through a whole set of movements that the more advanced students had learned.  She told those of us who were new to Tai Chi that we could drop out and watch whenever we wanted, but all of us tried to keep up as well as we could.  She was impressed.

I came home and listened to a Christian music CD and part of Michael Savage, (I missed the first part of his show).  Then it was time to go across the street for Bible study and choir rehearsal.


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